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BAIC Ruixiang X5 is Shining on the Market, and the National Automobile Brand Ushers in a New Light

Release Time: 2021-08-25  |  Pageviews:

From Anta to Hongxing Erke, from Big White Rabbit to Yuanqi Forest, more and more domestic brands begin to attract the public's attention. In recent years, the GuoChao trend has swept the market, and domestic brands have ushered in the "year of hit", which is favored by many consumers. Driven by the "Guochao Trend", the proportion of consumers' attention to national brands has increased from 38% to 70% in recent ten years. Among them, domestic automobile brands have also gained the recognition of consumers with their reliable quality and high cost performance.

Chinese consumers' attention to domestic cars and the rise of purchase intention undoubtedly bring good development opportunities for national automobile brands. Under the new era and new trend, BAIC Ruixiang came into being. In June 2021, it met the public for the first time at Chongqing Automobile Show. Less than two months after the brand was released, BAIC Ruixiang X5, its first product, was launched on August 25, injecting new vitality into the upward development of national auto brand.

Gathering industrial advantages, raising the new banner of national automobile brand

Chongqing is the starting point of BAIC Ruixiang's development. Taking advantage of Chongqing’s unique industrial advantages, BAIC Ruixiang starts from here, covering the whole country and overlooking the world. In the first half of 2021, the added value, production and production value of Chongqing's automobile industry increased by 25%, 47% and 29% respectively year-on-year, becoming a leading region in the high-end development of China's automobile industry, especially independent brands. The geographical advantages of Chengdu Chongqing new economic circle and automobile industry provide the growth soil for BAIC Ruixiang. So that BAIC Ruixiang can quickly integrate the advantageous resources of the industry, gather the latest technological achievements, comply with the new changes in the automotive industry, and launch the first product and start the first shot of the journey in just two months after the brand officially appeared.

While grasping the advantages of the objective environment, BAIC Ruixiang also has a clear plan for its own development. BAIC Ruixiang has built up the "four new" business ideas of "new brand, new products, new management and new team", and practises the "three-in-one" strategy of "passenger cars and commercial vehicles simultaneously, traditional energy and new energy in parallel, and domestic market equals to foreign market”. It is user-oriented and provides consumers with high-quality products and services to constantly enrich users' car choices and create a "new era of user brand."

In terms of channel construction, BAIC Ruixiang has also showed rapid development. Based on the principle of “low investment in a single store, high density of outlet stores, and smart empowerment”, it has created a brand-new smart channel model to achieve asset-light entry, high-efficiency management and high-return operation. BAIC Ruixiang has planed to reach 100 companies by the end of 2021.

The first large 7-seat SUV is full of sincerity, helping users to live a better life

As BAIC Ruixiang's first product, BAIC Ruixiang X5, is a large seven-seat all-scene SUV designed by BAIC Ruixiang to insight into current social user needs and specifically for the young people who care much for the family. It focuses on the diverse needs of users for daily life, family travel and work applications. With excellent product configuration and flexible large space, it is committed to providing users with a full-scene and diversified car experience. "Born for users" is its brand concept.

The smooth body shape, super-large body size, freely variable layout and vehicle comfort make BAIC Ruixiang X5 fully meet the needs of modern families. The vehicle is equipped with ESP+TCS+EBA driving safety assist system, TPMS tire pressure monitoring and various safety configurations, which can maximize driving safety during normal driving of users. It is also configured with 12.3-inch high-definition LCD instrument large screen and 10.25-inch touch-sensitive floating large screen, as well as a variety of intelligent systems, which can realize the intelligent ecological interconnection of people, cars and mobile phones, allowing users to enjoy the beautiful life brought by technology.

With the release of Ruixiang X5, BAIC Ruixiang has officially set sail in the automotive market and has become a new force among domestic auto brands. Only when you have faith in your heart can you go far. Looking forward to the future, BAIC Ruixiang will be sincere, forge ahead and become an active participant and promoter of a better life for users.