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The Guochao Trend is Coming and the First New Car of BAIC Ruixiang, a National Automobile Brand, is

Release Time: 2021-08-25  |  Pageviews:

In recent years, Guochao has become an increasingly hot topic. Major brands have launched Guofeng Guochao series products. As another new national automobile brand "Made in Chongqing", BAIC Ruixiang has attracted people’s attention. After its debut at the Chongqing Automobile Show in June, on August 25, only two months later, BAIC Ruixiang launched its first SUV, the BAIC Ruixiang X5. The official price was 73,800 RMB -123,800 RMB. 

Chinese vehicle brands encounter "Guochao boom"

According to the survey data of China Automobile Research Institute, in 2010, Chinese consumers' attention to Chinese brands was only 35%. By 2020, this figure has increased to 75%. In the three years of 2018, 2019 and 2020, users’ willingness to purchase “domestic products” has increased from 70% to 90%. Driven by the "Guochao boom", the increase in Chinese consumers' attention to and willingness to buy Chinese brands is undoubtedly an opportunity for Chinese auto brands.

As a new national automobile brand, BAIC Ruixiang with the brand slogan“New, Upward, Beautiful", adheres to its vision of "Born for users", keeps up with the trend of the times, closely follows the needs of users, and provides consumers with surpassing expected products and services to create a brand for users in the new era.

BAIC Ruixiang is committed to all-round innovation from physical function to lifestyle to meet the growing needs of users for a better life. By focusing on market segments and user needs, it forms differentiated competitive advantages, creates an open ecological platform oriented by user experience, links users with an open attitude and creates products and service experience more than automobile level through joint creation with users.

BAIC Ruixiang shapes a new model for China's auto transform

From the launch of the new brand in June to the launch of the first product on August 25, then to the beginning of a large-scale marketing system, BAIC Ruixiang is advancing in great strides, which is also a microcosm of the rapid transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry in Hechuan District. It is worth mentioning that the launch of the new car not only has outstanding driving space, flexible seat layout, rich intelligent networking and safety configuration, but also sets a new standard for a 100,000 RMB level compact SUV. It refreshes the intelligent manufacturing of cars in Hechuan District. At the same time, it creates a vivid model for the transformation and upgrading of Chongqing's automobile industry. The manufacturing based on the needs of users also deeply implements the brand concept of "born for users".

Excellent product strength brings another hit of Guochao

As the first product of BAIC Ruixiang, the front face of the BAIC Ruixiang X5 adopts a brand-new hollow star logo. Its design is derived from the Venus concept which not only has strong recognition but also shows a sense of refinement. The cloud-wing front grille is matched with a dynamic double waistline, impressive and highlighting its sporty characteristics. Thanks to the 2815mm ultra-long wheelbase design, the new car has a size comparable to that of a medium-sized SUV, and offers two-row five-seat and three-row seven-seat to further meet the travel needs of different families.

In terms of safety, BAIC Ruixiang X5 uses a high-strength steel ring body + all-round airbags to ensure passive safety; the car is also equipped with ESP+TCS+EBA driving safety assist system, TPMS tire pressure monitoring, and 360° panoramic image enhancement. It provides users with a 360-degree comprehensive security guarantee. Such a layout satisfies different families and does a good job in vehicle safety performance, which is naturally welcomed by consumers.

At present, China is entering an era of comprehensive well-off. People's yearning for a better life drives the auto industry to usher in a good opportunity for upgrading and transformation. As a leader in the auto industry and one of the largest auto manufacturing bases, Chongqing has a strong industrial cluster, a complete supply chain and a good market atmosphere, providing unique geographical conditions for the rapid development of local auto companies. BAIC Ruixiang is expected to go forward bravely, overcome obstacles, drive "Hechuan Intelligent Manufacturing" and "Chongqing Intelligent Manufacturing" towards high-quality development, and bring more excellent products and services to Chinese consumers.