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With the First Model X5 Goes into the Market, BAIC Ruixiang Enters the Fast Lane of Development

Release Time: 2021-08-25  |  Pageviews:

On August 25, BAIC Ruixiang’s first product, BAIC Ruixiang X5, was officially launched with an official guide price of RMB 73,800 to RMB 123,800. At the same time, BAIC Ruixiang is building a brand-new smart channel model based on the principles of "low investment in a single store, high density of outlet stores and smart empowerment". It plans to build 100 sales authorization networks by the end of 2021, fully covering the Chinese market. From the launch of the new brand to the launch of the first product, then to the beginning of the marketing system, it shows that BAIC Ruixiang has entered the fast lane of development.

A tree that is a thousand feet high must have its roots. The rapid development of BAIC Ruixiang in the automotive industry is worth being studied on.

The right time, the right place and the right people work together to drive the "Ruixiang Speed".

Since the "14th Five-Year Plan", the automobile industry has become an important support for the manufacturing power, and is ushering in the implementation of a number of national policy deployments. The technological changes brought by the "new four modernizations" - electrification, network connection, intelligentization and sharing are also driving the continuous improvement of the industry development situation. According to statistics, in the first half of 2021, vehicle sales were 12,891 million units, a year-on-year increase of 25.6%. It means the auto industry began to warm up again. The overall upward trend of the automotive industry is a challenge and also provides a good opportunity for the rapid development of BAIC Ruixiang.

As a leader in the transformation and upgrading of China's auto industry, Chongqing can be regarded as the largest automotive intelligent manufacturing base in Southwest China and the main battlefield for auto consumption upgrades. Whether it is first-mover advantage, upstream and downstream cooperation, or all aspects of market scale, it forms effective support for the rapid development of BAIC Ruixiang. Moreover, the growing automobile consumer market in Southwest China has provided a good market atmosphere for the rapid development of BAIC Ruixiang.

In addition to the right time and place, BAIC Ruixiang's strides forward is inseparable from the strong support and assistance of Chongqing Municipality and Hechuan District Government and BAIC Group in terms of material, financial, manpower and technology. Because of this, it created the "Ruixiang Speed" that achieved the launch of new cars in less than two months after the brand was released, and brought consumers products and services that exceed expectations.

Two excellence consolidate "Ruixiang Speed"

Blacksmith need its own hardware. BAIC Ruixiang is not blindly seeking quickness, but relies on "two excellence" to make every step solid and steady.

One is excellent strategy. BAIC Ruixiang has a comprehensive insight into the industry and consumer needs, and has built the "four new" business ideas of "new brands, new products, new management and new teams", practicing “three-in-one”strategy of "passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles simultaneously, traditional energy and new energy in parallel and equal emphasis on domestic and foreign markets”. Through technological innovation, product innovation and market innovation, it provides high-quality products and services beyond expectations, builds an open ecological platform oriented by user experience, continuously improves brand building ability and creates a brand position with competitive advantages.

The second is that the product is excellent. Under the guidance of the new brand slogan "Follow the light", BAIC Ruixiang brings a better life assistant to the young people who pay much attention to the family - BAIC Ruixiang X5, which will bring consumers big space, big wisdom, big grandeur, big enjoyment and big guarantee of high-quality driving experience, helping them enjoy a good time along the way.

It is not difficult to find that as a user brand in the new era, BAIC Ruixiang is adhering to the brand concept of "born for users", aiming serving users well and satisfying users. It also adopts a steady development strategy. Based on user needs, it provides consumers with high-quality products and services beyond expectations, bringing a better travel experience and creating good values for users which will finally realize the value of the brand itself.