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The Launch of BAIC Ruixiang X5, a 7-Seat All-Scene SUV Has Added a New Force to National Brand

Release Time: 2021-08-25  |  Pageviews:

With the release of the statistics on the production and sales of passenger cars by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology from January to July, the production and sales of SUVs were 70,000 and 103,000 higher than that of sedans, and the year-on-year growth rate is 2.4% and 2.3% higher respectively. It can be seen that in the first seven months of 2021, both the production and sales of SUV models and the growth rate exceeded those of sedans, which shows that SUVs are most favored by consumers. In August, China's SUV market added a new star - the new national automobile brand BAIC Ruixiang, brought its first SUV model to add a new product to the booming automobile market.

On August 25, BAIC Ruixiang’s first product, BAIC Ruixiang X5, was officially launched, priced from 73,800 RMB to 123,800 RMB. This is a "large 7-seat all-scene SUV" with outstanding driving space, flexible seat layout, rich intelligent networking and safe configuration. Its launch not only added a new model to the domestic large 7-seat SUV market, but also sounded the clarion call for BAIC Ruixiang to land in the Chinese auto market, marking new progress in the transformation and upgrading of the auto industry in Hechuan District.

Under the guidance of the new brand slogan "Follow the Light", BAIC Ruixiang brings a better life assistant to the young people who pay much attention to families - BAIC Ruixiang X5, which will bring consumers a full range of high-quality driving experience and help them enjoy a good time along the way.

BAIC Ruixiang X5 has the diameter of 4788*1875*1730 (LxWxH) mm and wheelbase 2815mm. It has a large space comparable to that of a medium-sized SUV. It also provides two-row five-seat and three-row seven-seat layouts. The car is equipped with a 10.25-inch touch-sensitive floating screen and a 12.3-inch high-definition LCD instrument, and equipped with T-Twinkle intelligent travel system, 4G intelligent vehicle networking system, voice interaction system, which can realize rich functions such as remote control, network sharing, real-time navigation, online entertainment, etc. The new car uses a high-strength steel ring body + all-round airbags to ensure passive safety. It has ESP+TCS+EBA driving safety assistance system, TPMS tire pressure monitoring and 360° panoramic images to enhance active safety and build a new realm of safety.

At present, Chinese society is in a new period of moving from a moderately prosperous society in all respects to common prosperity. People's yearning for a better life drives the continuous upgrade of automobile consumption. The new era and new outlets call for new forces to innovate and change, leading the upgrading and transformation of the national automobile industry. BAIC Ruixiang came into being under such a background. BAIC Ruixiang has gathered superior resources such as capital, technology and talents, and established the “four new” business ideas of “new brands, new products, new management and new teams”and the "three-in-one" strategy”of“simultaneous development of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, traditional energy and new energy, equal emphasis on domestic and foreign markets” which is committed to building a "user brand in the new era."

From the launch of the new brand to the launch of the first product, then to the beginning of a marketing system, BAIC Ruixiang is advancing with a high-spirited attitude, opening a new stage of high-quality development of the automobile industry in Hechuan District, which is also an epitome of the transformation and upgrading of Hechuan district and even the whole Chongqing’s automobile industry. BAIC Ruixiang goes forward bravely to drive "Hechuan Intelligent Manufacturing" and "Chongqing Intelligent Manufacturing" towards a high-quality development and brings better car experiences to Chinese home users.