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BAIC Ruixiang's First Model X5 is Launched, Adding a New Force for the Development of Chongqing

Release Time: 2021-08-25  |  Pageviews:

According to Chongqing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, in the first half of 2021, the added-value, production and production value of Chongqing's automobile industry increased by 25%, 47% and 29% year-on-year respectively. Among them, the growth rate of automobile production is nearly twice that of the whole country (24.2%). More and more "Made in Chongqing" cars are favored by consumers. The arrival of BAIC Ruixiang has become a new force to promote the rapid development of Chongqing's automobile industry. As a leader in the transformation and upgrading of China's automobile industry, Chongqing is the largest automotive intelligent manufacturing base in Southwest China and the main battlefield for automobile consumption upgrades. Whether it is first-mover advantage, upstream and downstream cooperation or market scale, it has supported the rapid development of BAIC.

From the launch of the new brand to the launch of the first product, BAIC Ruixiang only took two months. Behind the "Ruixiang Speed" is the clear development strategy and business ideas constructed by BAIC Ruixiang on the development trend of the industry and the market, as well as the precise insights and in-depth thinking of consumer needs.

At the beginning of its establishment, BAIC Ruixiang created the "four new" business ideas of "new brand, new product, new management and new team" and  the "three-in-one" strategy of "passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle simultaneously, traditional energy and new energy parallel, domestic market equal to foreign markets”. It is committed to building a "user brand in the new era." BAIC Ruixiang will continue to meet the needs of users for a better life and provide them with excellent product and service quality.

BAIC Ruixiang’s first model - BAIC Ruixiang X5 was launched on August 25. BAIC Ruixiang X5 is the first model under BAIC Ruixiang’s new intelligent networked platform - "Ruiqing Youxing Interconnection Ecosystem 1.0", which is a new intelligent SUV that integrated automobile industry’s advantageous resources and the company's latest technological achievements.

BAIC Ruixiang X5 is positioned as a "large 7-seat all-scene SUV" and has the advantage of a series of products that make young people fall in love at first sight. Big space: The outstanding 7-seat space and flexible seating layout can easily carry the joy of the whole family. Big wisdom: T-Twinkle intelligent travel system, 4G intelligent vehicle networking system, intelligent voice interaction system is full of technological sense, enriching the fun of driving. Big grandeur: The cloud-wing front grille is matched with a dynamic double waist line. The interior is wrapped in 360° soft fabric, providing first-class comfort. Great enjoyment: There are many humanized configurations such as dual-row USB ports, rear-view mirrors that lock and auto-fold, rear-view mirrors to unlock and auto-expand, anti-glare inner rear-view mirrors and so on. Big guarantee: high-strength steel ring body, all-round airbag to ensure passive safety; ESP+TCS+EBA driving safety assist system, TPMS tire pressure monitoring, 360° panoramic image to enhance active safety. The price is ranged from 73,800 RMB to 123,800 RMB but consumers can get the enjoyment of 200,000 RMB. Its arrival officially sounded the clarion call for BAIC Ruixiang to embark on a new journey.

In addition to products, BAIC Ruixiang also launched a new channel construction under innovative thinking. Based on the principle of “low investment in a single store, high density of outlet stores and intelligent empowerment”, BAIC will create a brand-new smart channel model to achieve asset-light entry, high-efficiency operation and high-return operation. It is planned to reach 100 stores by the end of 2021. In terms of service, BAIC Ruixiang is "customer-oriented, data-driven, and IT as the touch point" so as to build an intelligent service system, hoping to let consumers feel that BAIC Ruixiang is always with them in this way.

As the base camp of BAIC Ruixiang, Chongqing is also the capital of China’s auto industry. Whether it is the government’s emphasis on the business environment, the strong support to auto companies, the strong consumption atmosphere, or a good industrial environment, it provides a good geographical condition for BAIC Ruixiang. BAIC Ruixiang will uphold the brand concept of "born for users", and practice "from the market to the market, establish a fast and efficient market operation mechanism, and gain market competitiveness in the fight against the market." BAIC Ruixiang will open the market here, take root in Chongqing, build the base in the southwest, and go to the whole country.